Dutch American Diary (2008-2009)

SB Boekomslagen DAD kleinMy gift to you! All the posts that create the novel Dutch American Diary. Alternative title The Birth of a Cougar should that last word ring a bell ;)
Dutch American Diary is the autobiographical sequel to my Dutch novel Mango (click for immediate access)

Episode 1
Nathan and New Benjamin
Just give me drugs!

Episode 2
Hit Me

Episode 3
The Break-up

Episode 4

Episode 5
Goodnight Benjamin

Episode 6

Episode 7 
The Caramel Months

The sequel to Dutch American Diary is book 4 LS Diary, which I will start posting early september. Book 3 are Dutch erotic stories, 22 Erotische Verhalen. These will be posted the upcoming days.

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