Big, erotica and diaries (2015-2016)

Big cover klein

Out of all the books from The Wait Worth 8,
this one was THE ONE where I thought;
“I can’t”
“I shouldn’t”
“What if this comes out?”
“This is gonna kill me.”
“It’s the One. This is the ONE.”

Because that is something I learned from Marina Abramovic;
Always choose what scares you most.
Having an affair with Mister Big, was what scared me most. Writing erotica about it, was what scared me most.
Going public with it, was what scared me most.
These five diaries tell the story of our affair, which will most likely stay the thing that scared me most. Till the day I die.

Part 1: An Affair

Part 2: The Virgin Diaries (incl one erotic story)

Part 3: The Way of the Trickster

Part 4 and 5: The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai and More Erotica

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