The Good Mistress – move UP! from being powerless to feeling amazing, loved and FREE in 30 days

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Are you the other woman?
Are you still thinking this is something you should be ashamed of?
Or are people trying to tell you should go after a man for yourself, because you’re quote unquote worth it?

My name is LS Harteveld and I am here to tell you;
That’s all a bunch of bullshit.
Even IF it is your secret desire to be “the chosen one”?
Even IF you never intended this to happen?
Even IF you doubt yourself?
Even IF all of those things?
You can still learn to stand in your power, embrace where you are and take the pressure off of yourself and of your partner.

A pressure to fit in, to justify, or to set ultimatums.
A need to validate, calculate, to manipulate.
After 30 days, you will have lost your desire for him to break up his marriage,
because you will either feel super comfortable in your mistress skin,
or you’ll see that this role is so not you,
and that being a mistress gives you opportunities, perks and benefits
you don’t put ANY value in,
and that are meaningless to you,
- so that you’ll easily break up and move on.

It’s a win-win situation; after 30 days you’ll feel better

I m not here to shame you, or to blame you.
Nor him, for that matter.
Because often enough both things;
you getting entangled with a married man,
just as he ending up being a cheating husband?
Those things could be part of your deeper lying needs and desires.
Just like a desire for secrecy, can be a part of who you are, of what makes you tick.
Before you pass any moral judgement on your own behavior, or his, it is important to know to which extend you simply need those things to be sexually fulfilled.

If being in a one-on-one relationship is going to bore you to death, you are not going to make anybody happy punishing yourself for your current status (or lack thereof) and start dating single men.
Most likely you will fall into the relationship trap;
it is the tendency to automatically default to a normal relationship,
when two people are single and like each other very much.
And strangely enough – they will do this EVEN when they KNOW they need excitement, and distance, and that they’re giving that up the moment they become a couple.
But I’m drifting off here; this is a training for when you’re (still?) a mistress.

And if you sign up for this training TODAY?
Not only will I give it to you for FREE;
you will also get my personal email address,
and will be invited to let me know about any topics you’d like me to cover.

So maybe you are a man with a mistress?
And you want me to cover your options?
Then that’s a done deal. I ll make a video about that.

And trust me;
This training will give you clarity in ANY TYPE of relationship, you re not 100% sure of.
Not just being a mistress.

This is a limited time offer – after that this training will be a home-study course and it will no longer be interactive. So if you want to influence what we’re going to cover
get it for free?

Sign up now.

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I look forward to seeing you soon.

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living