where to find me

For love letters & indecent proposals
email Lauren or Miss Harteveld info@lsharteveld.nl
And if you don’t have anything super sweet to say, then don’t say anything at all
or just gossip about me on Twitter without mentioning @LSHarteveld

I have a cute community on Facebook for fans, so you can join if you wish.

My yoga studio is in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, under the name of Suzanne Beenackers.
I have a strong personal connection to all my students, albeit never a sexual one.
So please don’t show up with plans of using my presence to spice up your sex life, because that’s called a date, and the road to that is a different one (usually involves a lot of luck & Twitter; but don’t forget to mention me of course).

I also have a YouTube channel, with yoga videos.