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Welcome visitor ;)

The site you’re currently on, is my oldest website, created in 2010.
I use the address for official institutes like the Chamber of Commerce,
but it’s not uhm, alive ;)
But I post almost daily
here on my English blog
have some very exciting new things coming up on my Dutch/Nederlands blog!

shop my diaries and erotica
or buy directly from me (Nederland)

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Coaching (women only)

60 minute session, Zoom call or phone call                  $ 125 | € 110 
six sessions, valid 6 months maximum                          $675 | € 600


write a short email to info@lsharteveld,
how I can help you.
If it appeals to you, let yourself be inspired by the question: 
“If I can be, do or have anything I want, who would I be?”
If you live in another timezone, please let me know where you are, and at which times you could make it for our call. (I’m on Amsterdam-time, CET)
Then I can check my schedule.

If you want the maximum out of our time together, consider writing me an email before every session, on how your week went! 
Or keep a daily log, and send it before our sessions.

Conventions and presentations (business only)

Mail your request, with as much background information as possible 
Prices for professional appearances start at €1000