The Hero’s Journey

qtixd9qatau9ztdzsbrxname of the project:
The Hero’s Journey

running time:
Start; Christmas 2017
Ends: Christmas Eve 2018
This project was about doing one hour of yoga a day minimum, and one two hour practice once a week. But three weeks into the project I lost my little cat Max, and now I m less ambitious. Just making it through the year will do.

You can follow this project for 365 days on this page (see below) and I ll post all lessons learned along the way on my Facebook and Twitter.
I ll also link these stories here below.

My Hero’s Journey  { liveblog 365 days }

episode 5 The Will to Live, Teach or Make Money
Don’t worry! It will all end well. I ll debrief you tomorrow, and will keep you updated for the rest of the year. But the past three weeks? Tough. Very tough.
The highs of taking care of my baby cat Max must have been SUPER HIGH because the lows could have cost me my life.

episode 4 Prepare my ship!
Restarting, rebooting and COMMITTING this Valentines Day

episode 3 From Heaven
A long post, containing a month worth of diary entries, including the death of my beloved cat, starting a my own YouTube channel and going full throttle into Kylo Ren fandom.

episode 2 The Force Awakens
practice log Christmas Day – Tuesday January 2, 2018

episode 1 Take the first step
introduction to this project

Als je in Nijmegen woont kun je nog instromen in mijn yogalessen in alle groepen waar nog plek is.