Marrying Noa

eka darville
“Can you write something special for your student X? She is getting married.”
It took me, “Sanne, the yoga teacher”, one day and a glass of wine to come up with a deep, moving piece on yoga, commitment, and marital bliss. My student would love it. And the universal message also made it a solid contribution to my weekly blog. With still 5 days to go before I had to post it, I spent my week catching up with housekeeping, indulged in decadent two hour yoga sessions, enjoyed sun, friends and the good life. It was the most relaxed blogger week ever.

Feedback from the wedding circle fuelled my excellent mood: “We love your contribution! Maybe you should write a column for Yoga magazine ;-)

It was official: Sanne Harteveld, the successful yoga teacher, was ready to expand her career to writing. Her heartwarming words would touch the souls of many.

“Over my dead body!” a voice in my head shrieked. Lauren Harteveld. The writer in me had no interest in supporting any marriages, or in becoming the new insipid blogger for some vanilla yoga site.
“But I want to inspire people on their path,” Sanne said.
Shanti shanti,” Lauren sneered sarcastically. “Get real! And you hate marriage.”
“Not so!” Sanne objected. “I would sacrifice my whole life for one man you know.”
“Yeaheah! Just to get in on those first years of steamy sex, “ Lauren stood her ground. “That’s not marriage. That’s cutting a deal.”

Sanne wanted a post on marriage.
Lauren wanted to promote her book by writing about Noa.

With one hour to their deadline, Sanne and Lauren sat down together. First they opened Lauren’s manuscript, and reread the chapters on Noa. They also checked his Hyves, and Googled for an actor whose picture they could use. Then they wrote something they both agreed on:

This is Eka Darville (see photo).
Eka is an actor, but not very famous.
He does not have Hyves.
Eka looks very much like Noa.
Noa is in my book.
Noa is a normal person but he has a 1000 friends on Hyves.
Noa and I saw each other twice.
Our hands wanted to touch each other all the time.
I would marry Noa, but not Eka because I never met him.
The end.

Noa :engagement: LS Harteveld is described in the enovel Dutch American Diary. (online next month)

Eka Darville plays Pietros in Spartacus – Blood and Sand episode 3,4, 6 and 7
LS Harteveld opened his social network sites
Let’s give Eka Darville a 1000 fans!!

5 gedachten over “Marrying Noa

  1. wolverine

    ‘decadent’ two hr yoga sessions?? I do not think that word means what you think it means. One is decadent when, e.g., one washes one’s genitatlia with champagne after a sex session involving a shemale septagenarian, a midget and a llama (That being one of the few combinations still able to rouse your jaded appetites).
    Just doing stretching exercises is, at most, mildly self-indulgent. Next, you’ll be saying that you decadently got up at five in the morning to milk the cows.

    In another post you called some guy ‘evil’. What did he do, then? Run a red light? Pick his nose in public? Use his fork with his right hand? Oh, the horror! The horror!

    Or… did something of great moral turpitude actually happen during these yoga sessions?
    Details, please!
    Yes! Depaved yoga! Details! Details!
    Gut-wrenchingly disgusting yoga! Detai…

    I have to go and lie down for a bit now.

    1. L.S.

      Thank you! That was an entertaining comment and I also went to work on your comments
      Your link to the online Cambridge dictionary was highly appreciated, though I looked it up in other dictionaries, and they state it’s meaning is identical to Dutch – ergo the word Decadent can also mean Self Indulgent
      And I did consider using the word malicious..but thats just too strong. I like the word evil.
      Its bad, but not beyond the Disney level.

  2. L.S.

    @ Wolverine
    Well…before I change anything – I think I will let your mother be the judge ;)

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