Face it – a cougar's confession

It’s not going to happen.
Me and the over-40 guys, it’s just not. I fooled myself for a very long time:   
“I like Rutger Hauer! and he’s like 65 or something!”
“I would SO do Eric Roberts!”
“Brad Pitt is still hot.”
Sure babe.

They’re all men I grew up with. Crushes I got when I was 20. They were hot guys pulling their pants off in a Levi’s commercial (Pitt), hot guys teaching me new sex positions in action movies (Eric Roberts) or hot guys deflowering virgins in a medieval hot tub (Hauer).

Maybe the current 40+men once possessed that sexual charisma. It’s just that I wasn’t there to watch it. I see them IRL, battling mid-life crisis, with a long-gone six-pack, two kids, an ex-wife and spending a kings ransom on alimony. Not exactly stuff that charms me out of my pants.

Whereas the last three guys, although “boys” would be a more correct term, I had a crush on were either being impossible, posted pictures from  “school trip” to FB wall, lived with parents or a combination from all of the above. 
* huge grin *
Yes, I have weak spot for the below-25 age category the size of a football field.

I’ll be taken in their parents bathtub instead of in his bachelor penthouse.
He’ll work in a jeans store instead of advertising them.
And he’ll learn from me which pose hits the G-spot best. 

And neither one of us will ever have to act that we like it.

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