Me & Nubian Prince

mini post, originally published on Facebook on Friday August 20, 2010

Nubian Prince and I dated last year. Weird break-up. We never understood each other and he was offended easily.

He switched studies and now he’ll study at a Uni near me. He contacted me, when he was still in the middle of his 10day introduction.  He contacted, rescheduled and cancelled seeing me about three times, within 48 hours, before coming to my house looking absolutely STUNNING.

“You re absolutely impossible,” I said. “And I’m still angry with you. But now you’re here, and I cant be angry with you.”

Then he had a call. it was someone from the college group. He had to go.
“Wow” I said. ” You spent 20 whole minutes here. I think I expected a bit more”

“There are plenty of people who would kill to spend 20 minutes with me!” he smiled

And I remembered his arrogance was something that I actually liked about him.

So we left. Cycled to the city together. He to his group of college students, and me to the centre for some shopping.

We gave three kisses, the Dutch way, and it was nice.

Nubian Prince has a girlfriend. On and off. He told me it was on. He didn’t want to cheat, and made no pass at me, and I still have no idea why he was there, nor why I put up with him.

Oh! Just looked at the picture again.

Yeah. I know why I put up with him.

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  1. Aswanlover

    Great Story!

    I have a Nubian boyfriend also (from Egypt) and he look like a lot on the beauty of the picture.
    These kind of men are beautiful

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