The Way of The Trickster‏

Big 0078504400000258-2881507-image-a-49_1419043664509Hi Sweeties!

I’ve been leading this totally offline mediocre life since early December, and it’s paying off in an expansive creative force that could last me till 2017. So I won’t be online till early March, maybe later.


If you reread 2015’s blog posts you can notice how I ve developed a new life-changing (or better: game changing) theory. Twelve months ago I had my ominous meet cute with Mister Big, and invented the “Major League”:
a place to date but only if I was ready to up my game, to go to the next level. If I was prepared to be challenged and see if I could get something out of it, without being crushed. Without giving up beforehand.
And I did.
Twelve months later, I’m still alive, and I’m putting my game theory to paper. Or in my case, an off-line laptop from 1998, which is basically the same thing.

Because we need a new name, a new role model, for every soul who wants to get smarter, quicker, stronger; to become more flexible and more creative. We need to embrace our Trickster ways and start reaping the benefits (and having fun!) of this highly active and exciting spiritual path.

And since Mindfulness is taking the world by passive aggressive force, time is running out, and I’m writing my ass off to get this done. It’s called:

The Way of The Trickster
How I saved my business, conquered death and won a man’s heart.
Well, two out of three anyway.

I’m now on a 100 day quest to establish all those things, so if you don’t hear from me again, know my final thoughts were happy ones :)

Trickster will also be the first self-help book that is (drumroll)
Or did you really think I was going to leave my luscious naked body being handled in all sorts of hopefully non-consensual ways out of it? Maybe he could take me over a meditation pillow, just for narrative sake…..

The Way of The Trickster will be the first sensual sexual self-help book in the history of mankind, and if I fail to get this done, we all have to get back to Mindfulness.

Game ON, my friends.


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