That day LS Harteveld had her coming out‏

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Someone said: OMG how did your mom respond to your coming out?
My mom has known about me being LS Harteveld, ever since the first letter went to paper in 2006.
She’s known that I quit my long term relationship a few months later, so I could explore being in love and sex all over again. I planned on treating myself to a second adolescence. A care-free one.
And she was all for that.
So no, my mom was not even informed on my coming out.

And by the way: if you are already subscribed to my yoga blog, if you re a family member, if you’re a close friend, or if you are one of the few male authors I definitely would, then you can stop reading now.
You ll know where to go, where to find me, and the only thing you MIGHT have missed is to sign up for this exclusive new blog. It’s about the 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai, and it will contain oral sex.
Off you go now.

So there we are. Just you and me. You, a reader who has enjoyed my erotica and diaries for 6 years now, without pressing me to come out. To reveal myself. And if you did, I probably blocked you and kicked you off my mailing list.

I want to thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to shoot root and to grow as a writer, a lover, a human, with a pen name. I needed that. And after 6 years of writing this blog, LS Harteveld has become her own woman. She’ll stay on as the part of me that writes and as my media personality. But yes… there is more. Another side of me.

The woman you see at the top of this post is Suzanne L. Beenackers.

SHE is the one who writes funny, personal posts on yoga, every week since January 2015.

SHE is the one who has her own YouTube Channel, since September 2015. Where you can follow playlists such as #GirlBoss or The Erotica Series. And then she starts episode 1 with an exercise “the banana”, and giggles.

SHE is the one who teaches at a Dutch channel ominously named Rebel Yoga, where you can follow her courses for a super affordable fee.

SHE is the one who has a small basement studio in the heart of Nijmegen, where she’ll start a series of classes on The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, on Monday March 7.

SHE is the garden variety yoga teacher who just rewrote the home page of her company M Yoga. And it now oooooozes LS Harteveld.

All those years, I feared the day you would find out, that I was Suzanne L. Beenackers. Or that some jilted lover would out me, because he was angry. Or the new girlfriend of a jilted lover, or whatever. I feared someone would tell you my real name, when in the end it was just the other way around.

Because I never had to tell you I was Suzanne Beenackers.

The only coming out I had, was to tell the world that after 10 years of writing and being single, I had become the writer, the lover, the woman, #GirlBoss and White Tigress in the making.

I had become LS Harteveld.

With love,