Read my diary; What it’s like to be the ultimate mistress, live a movie star life, quote sex workers, and totally crush all your weight issues

Hi! I started writingimages (2) a diary August 2017, and well…. I think I m done for this year!
No idea when the next entry will go up either.
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REBOOT diary overview 2017

Episode 1 Atomic blonde
How project Reboot came about, and what the movie Atomic Blonde had to do with it.

Episode 2 The Return of Benjamin
Where I meet a ghost from the past. A handsome one.

Episode 3 Reinvention
Where I work out the pros and cons of becoming a high functioning alcoholic.

Episode 4 Forces of Nature
In this post; sex with Mister Big, healing myself, and how a prostitute has inspired my to do yoga.

929a495cf8b8e42436e862b628bc3b73--scarlett-johansson-photoshoot-james-whiteEpisode 5 Mistress
Lauren gives book readings, sees friends, and just generally goes around like any normal aspiring writer. Which is of course a recipe for disaster.

Episode 6 The dominant
Lauren is still involved with Mr.Big, a married man. And in the lee of her planned out workweek, she starts to understand the underlying dynamics of their affair. And all the forces that seem to be working in her favor.

Episode 7 Rafael’s wrap up
Lauren finds her true calling and treats herself to a night out;
the five year anniversary with celebrity and muse Rafael.

Episode 8 The heroine
Diary entry with erotic story ending.
Lauren is on her first real date with Big in months, and she’s reminded of her early beginnings as a mistress. She has rocked being the third woman since high school.

frm3540-zw-w kopie kleinon 18/19 December I also wrote a yoga book {free version} :
White Tigress Yoga.
For anyone who had a decent chance of staying healthy but screwed it up and now needs something that works. Fast.

That was it!

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living
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