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video: January 2017, the moment I saw this training I became a Katrina Ruth convert

One thing I loved when I had a yoga studio – in fact I loved it so much I didn’t realized I was more consistent with that than with yoga – was marketing.

I don’t remember when I started studying it, but I do know the first coach I encountered in whom I took a serious interest was Marie Forleo.

Because I have lived at multiple addresses over the years, I am usually correct at dating certain events, and if I am not mistaken I encountered Marie Forleo as early as 2008.
Although I studied her free material, and was excited to have found her, things didn’t really pick up until 2014/2015
Will+health+coaching+work+‘in+your+town’_With three Australian coaches with whom I was fascinated:
First was Amanda Daley, who focuses on health coaches, which explains why I (as a yoga teacher) encountered her first.
Amanda Daley’s system is traditional, just like Marie Forleo’s system.
They teach you to adjust marketing principles used by big companies, to being a local service provider. 

Through a webinar hosted by someone else – I even thought it was Amanda Daley herself but I can’t seem to find it back – I encountered Denise Duffield Thomas who was a guest.
Denise focuses on manifestation and running your own business but she hardly teaches any marketing, which is probably why around that time all the other coaches I was following, were already starting to take a backseat.

click photo to go to website Denise Duffield Thomas

click photo to go to website Denise Duffield Thomas

Once you’ve had a taste of running a business without making the effort to “translate your service into the language of your target audience”, and other tedious (not to say ineffective) marketing techniques, you’re sold.
Which is why late 2016, I spent the holidays decluttering the pile of marketing materials I had been gathering, in particular in 2016 when I had encountered a lot of new coaches, and bought several smaller packages and courses.
And there was one new coach, whom I had just encountered that month.

I remember simply saving her material, instead of sorting it out. Because it was still so little anyway, a few printed blog posts.
But I didn’t know how important she would become.
And that had I known her earlier, my Christmas decluttering session would have been a lot more rigorous.

click for Kat's daily (!!) blog and all the other goood stuff (+check her Facebook!)

click for Kat’s daily (!!) blog and all the other goood stuff (+check her Facebook!)

I would probably have thrown out everything but her.
Kat Loterzo.
Or Katrina Ruth, as she changed her name late 2017 it was I believe.
Katrina Ruth would turn into a pretty monomaniac inspiration for me, and I ve actually only recently picked up studying Denise Duffield Thomas again, to spice it up a bit.
And because they’re complementary, they teach different things.

You’ve been Katted

I ve always loved sharing my marketing adventures, if I talked to someone who didn’t yet feel they had it in them to show up on social media, and promote their service.
Especially yoga teachers and therapists, usually do not seek out marketing opportunities, so I was always glad to refer them to Amanda Daley, who I still believe to be the best coach if you still see marketing as something you do for your health business.
Not because it (marketing) excites you. 
And also: Amanda is the best coach if you see your business as something you do for your clients.
Not for you.
The big difference between Amanda and Denise is definitely that for Denise a business is something you do for yourself, whereas Amanda connects it to being of service to your clients.
Denise promotes an online business, minimizing your one-on-one hours and definitely not basing your business model on them and makes it pretty clear that your business is there to serve you.
Denise is more abstract than Amanda as Denise is a mindset mentor.
Not a business coach.
But even Denise is an easy breezy walk in the park compared to Katrina Ruth;
It’s just I didn’t really see that until I started making referrals!

Where both Amanda and Denise had always been gladly accepted, when I gave their names or books (Denise) to other yoga teachers or friends, Kat was met with a What the Fuck more than once.
People actually felt compelled to tell me they had not been able to stick with her, and I thought that was extremely odd.
Why would anyone not want to get inspired at that level?

I am talking a cellular transformation that changes you into an entire new breed of entrepreneur, that needs half the hours of sleep you used to, and has ten times as much purpose. 
Someone who steps up their game DAILY, and in any and all areas of their life;
And makes just as much millions as she damn well decides, doing whatever the fuck she wants.
Why would anyone in their right mind NOT want that?!

As sort of a side note, which made the entire thing even more unbelievable, is that Katrina Ruth shares ALL her information daily and for free!
She has many programs, and I own close to ten of them by now, but that’s more because I just like having those courses and because I like paying for them.
That I make a payment, also as a thank you for all her free material.
But her YouTube, her Facebook, and her blog already have all the information right there, for free!

You could start making millions without spending a dime.

Providing you are ready to:
Take the red pill.
Do the damn thing.
Face your fears.
And ruthlessly strip away every layer that no longer serves you.

Out of all the people I referred to Katrina Ruth, only one friend ( I know of) felt the calling and consistently started following her content. 
Needless to say, she is just as much a convert as I am.
Once you’ve been with Kat, your fate is sealed.
There is no getting back.

It’s literally like taking that red pill in The Matrix:
You can’t go back, you can’t unsee.
You’ve been Katted.

Freedom lifestyle

I m sure there are American coaches as well who use this term, but I see it as the common denominator between Amanda, Denise and Kat:
The talk of a freedom lifestyle.
It can be location free because you no longer offer local services but go online. 
It can be freedom from a normal job, because you make enough from your own business.
Freedom to do whatever you want financially.
And ultimately (or if you re following Kat, this is your starting point) the freedom to do whatever you damn well please.
However it also took until this week, that I realized why I had not, as Kat describes it “Press Play” on my life, the way I should have done ages ago.
What had been holding me back.

I don’t want to have an online business.
I don’t want to live location free.
And I don’t need a dream house.
And this week I realized I even want a job. That I don’t want to be a writer/entrepreneur and be “free” the rest of the time.
And that’s when the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked.

I saw that the freedom lifestyle to me meant:
– freedom to do my purpose work (writing)
– free from selling them myself; Offering my books through an online publisher
– freedom to have a normal job, but without being financially dependent on it.
To me, a normal job had always had a bad connotation because it implied being dependent on the company you work for.
Which must have instinctively terrified me.
Not the long hours, not the work stress, but knowing that I could not stop because I needed the money.
Knowing that I wasn’t free,
After all those years studying marketing I suddenly realized that although I didn’t need or even want to live location free as a self-made millionaire;
I had my own very specific reason build a business.
Not necessary because I didn’t want a job;
But because I did.

In 2006 I ended my long term relationship, because I wanted to know what I wanted out of love and develop my sexuality.
What I have come to find, is that I m generous with my love, sexually monogamous and that I need a partner who is adventurous with other women, and who chooses me time and time again.
Not because he needs me; After all he also has other women.
But he chooses me because he wants me.
And he wins me over time after time.

That’s the type of relationship I want with an employer.
A place where I can be generous with my love. A company who has a healthy relationship to its employees. And mutual respect where it is understood that we choose for each other from a place of independence and respect.
And not out of neediness.

Written like that, it’s all so simple. But I can assure you it has taken me until this month, January 2020, before I could pinpoint what my previous resistance towards a contract job had been.
And that self-made millionaires are not just women who want to be free to sit with a laptop on their sun-kissed thighs at the poolside on Bali:
Some do it because they want to have a normal life, between normal people, doing normal things.

Just free.

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