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The Beastie Boys and Madonna mid 80s

The Beastie Boys and Madonna mid 80s

Things that inspired me
Monday 16 August to Thursday 19 August

2021/ 1996 (1996 performance project)

1. Madonna and the Beastie Boys with water pistols

Just a picture I saw on Twitter, that I loved! 
I collected it, because I had just wasted precious time and email correspondence on not just one, but two companies offering to type me, and then giving health advice, in particular for sleeping better.
And I had actually bought that.

I ended up hating both of them, and not finding them any good in typing me, at least not in this phase of my life when I don’t even know how it is possible that I never seem to sleep through the night anymore.
I unsubscribed from both of them, and all trial subscriptions have been revoked.

Then I saw the picture of Madonna and the Beastie Boys, and remembered that for me the answer is always to have more fun, sex and laughter in my life.
Regardless what the problem is.

I should pick up my Sexual Odyssey!
Have not thought about that project for weeks.

And I bet writing about that first thing AM, will also have me up and running in the morning in no-time.

2. Creatives get to email first!

Related to the subject of rhythm, was a conversation I had with my creativity coach Sara,
You can check out her Academy here. ]
about how I need to do what HAS to get done, first, including email, before I can start my creative work.
I cannot hold off the worldly obligations and put creativity first, even when ideally I do think that is the correct order. 

And another aspect was that I often have many tabs open, while I write or do other “deep work”. When technically, “deep work” suggests you focus.
But in my opinion, I can focus better if I do a bit of wandering around.
Like staring out of the window.

Social media are windows on the world.
They do not feel like I m having a tea party while I m trying to write.

She explained that for most people deep work is difficult;
But that for creatives it’s their home, their default. 
So the temptation for us to lose ourselves on social media, is not there.
It’s way more tempting to retreat back into our creative world.

For me this concluded into the following shocking insight;
I do not have to wall off the world to concentrate.
And the fact that I don’t want to start deep work until the things in the world are taken care of, actually indicates the opposite.

I have to wall off my deep work, to be in the world.

238418835_395441758616754_4689841793827410317_n3. Katrina Ruth

Since late 2016, I ve followed the business coach Katrina Ruth
She’s my number one recommendation to build soul-based business.

I received her new offer for a 30 Day Sales Course, I signed up.
If she speaks to you
(you can check her Facebook incl free  blogposts and free live trainings here),
then you are invited to sign up too:
The deep discount ends in a few days, but the link of the program will stay up.

Wrap Up

I think those three are it for today!

I had more inspiration and insights, but I want to keep these posts a bit manageable in how long they turn out.

This blog, Time Capsules, is a week old.
I m writing less often than I thought I would, but these time capsules do the trick of making sure my inspiration gets consolidated.
That I don’t lose it.

And the way I do that is by passing it on to you.
Hopefully you like it! 
Today’s was very coaching-oriented, but the way I see it the larger topics of art/ film/ and business, will all have their place here.

And I’ll find us some extra water pistols and Madonna, before it gets too heavy!

Next episode of Time Capsules

I have two inspiring days ahead of me, and expect the next episode of Time Capsules to be written Sunday morning.

~Lauren/LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living


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