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Click photo to see the new 2021 trailer, after this 2020 movie was pushed forward, because of Covid

Click photo to see the new 2021 trailer, after this 2020 movie was pushed forward, because of Covid

Things that influenced me this weekend, 14 and 15 August
2021/ 1996 (1996 performance project)

1. Free Guy, movie

Free Guy is a Disney movie about Guy, a non-playable character (an extra, an unimportant character) in a video game.
He has come to live and starts thinking for himself because the source of the game is a (stolen) code that allows Artificial Intelligence to develop.

This stolen source code is designed by two young programmers.
In the real world they’re Millie, who becomes a Trinity-like (Trinity from the Matrix movies)-Molotov Girl when she enters the game;
And her male design partner Keys, who now works for customer service within the company that stole their code.
These two are the unacknowledged brains and heart, of the popular game Free City, and they try to retrieve evidence that their work was stolen.

The character Guy, who has been programmed by Keys to look out for and dream of, a girl who behaves just like Millie does, becomes their ally when he “awakens” in the game, and becomes the first non-playable character to start taking part of the game.

Although I do not game, and did not have any references from that area (although I heard the famous gamers of the film, were in fact cameos of actual famous gamers!) Free Guy was a wonderfully warm and entertaining movie.
Even for me ;)

2. My Daily Schedule

Where the past two weeks were spent, already feeling way more grounded, because I had managed to draw up a map of who I am – how the different personas and parts of me go together;
This weekend I managed to draw up a map of the sequence, priorities, of what it is I actually do or “should be” doing, if I want to focus on building my business.
“Should be” has quotation marks because I know myself well enough to know, that for me making something a should is the quickest way to never do it again.
Only when I have full freedom, can anything of value be created.
So these shoulds are based on the natural order I do things, with only minor adaptations.

An example of such a minor adaptation to what comes naturally to me:
To no longer share things when I see them, or send things out when I have them ready, but to batch up all online/interactive tasks to once a day, and to stay offline the rest of the day.

I m not including the schedule/drawing here, because it’s rather complicated and I think it deserves a little more context and explanation before you should invest your time in it.

But I wrote a blogpost, a letter to my creativity coach Sara, that includes the schedule, as well as guide to what it means.
This is the blogpost with the schedule:
Three Stars Are Born 

Next episode of Time Capsules

I started this new blog Time Capsules,  about the things that inspire me, right before the weekend.
So naturally there was both more inspiration as well as more time to write.

This is the first workweek and I don’t know how it will pan out, either on the inspiration front or how much time there is to write.
I have a call with my creativity coach, so that’s something to look out for, and that will very likely make it to the next Time Capsule.

But I expect to be back end of the week at the latest. 

~Lauren/LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living


My time capsules are a written out collection of things that I have come into contact with, and that will influence my art.

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