The first and probably most outstanding chapter (+ new book find) | publishing journal day 3

Finding the full manuscript of the diary* in tact yesterday, including two chapters which I know had been taken offline or had never been online, because of their sexual nature, made me almost euphoric.
Getting back to publishing the first two years of this diary*, had a flying start, so it was perhaps no surprise that after blogging about it, I extended my work on this project and read the first chapter of the diary.

The plan is that every day I will:
Review one chapter of the diary as it is currently displayed in the manuscript (a Word file);
Copy this (improved) text into the original blogpost, replacing the original text;
Share the chapter with you.


A letter from a stranger | “1994”: fanfic inspired erotica episode 1
for chapter 1, A letter from a stranger

The first chapter stands out (in a neutral sense) because it is written in the third person, as opposed to the rest of the diary which will be written in the first person. There might be one more chapter where I use third person, I do not recall at this point.

But also, like many first chapters I have dealt with, some even of books and diaries I never completed and that can only be found on my hard drive because I never even blogged them-
but like many first chapters, this one clearly had a lot of work done on it.

Reading it yesterday, after I was done with my work on this project, took me half an hour, and I encountered zero mistakes.
So I am just going to copy paste the text from the Word manuscript into the original post, and share it with you.

The chapter takes place in July 1994 and introduces us to a 22 year old Lauren, who receives a letter with explosive fan fiction.
We also learn the unconventional arrangement she has with her lover Bear, with whom she has been having sex since she was 17 years old.


In this proces of copy-pasting the reviewed text of the Word file into the original blogpost, I discovered two more things.

The first was an outdated footer on the main laurenharteveld blog, where I wrote this chapter;
The second were new books.


The 2019 blogpost of chapter 1, on the main laurenharteveld blog, came with a fully outdated bottom/ closer paragraph with social media accounts I no longer use;
Plus a reference to an umbrella term for a series of blogposts which I have not used in years and had completely forgotten about.
I cleaned it up, and for the upcoming chapters, the old text at the bottom of the chapters will be replaced with an updated 2023 footer.


There were FOUR upcoming titles outlined in this old footer, that I completely forgot about.
I know I even had a professional designing covers for them, but that one of the reasons I dropped publishing them was actually that these designs were no longer compatible to the way the self-publisher offered their cover-design software.
So at the time, I realized I either had to go back to the designer, or not use these covers. Maybe 2023-me, can come up with a more creative way to use that art work without going back.
But more importantly;
It means that after this diary project, we now have our new titles!!

Not four new titles though:
One title, Big Mistress, has actually been published, and I made a new cover for that.
And one title is a Dutch book. If I publish it, I will now be moving that under my real name.

Leaving TWO titles, which I will from now on be included at the bottom of this publishing journal, as being the ones we’ll do after the first volume(s) of the diary are done.

These two new titles are:
1.Reboot – a hero’s journey. Diary 2017-2019

See you tomorrow or Saturday 16 December, for Chapter 2.
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~Lauren/LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living

* An About section, on this diary project, has been added to the bottom of this post.

since 2018 my official blog is:
This is also where I write my Lauren 1998 diaries.
Plus letters to my coach Sara.

publishing journal is a stand-alone project, written on my oldest blog, which has software I do not master (explaining the light grey or blue color of the links; I cannot (yet?) change this);
And it also does not have a “Subscribe” button, nor would I know how to install one.

But you can follow publishing journal on

This blogpost was about the publishing process of

  • A letter from a stranger  
    diary 1994 – 1996
    including book 2, Dear Nikki

There are currently (I may have missed a chapter, which will be added as we go)
13 chapters in book one “A Letter To A Stranger”, 1994-1995,
and 22 chapters in book 2 “Dear Nikki”.
So with my resolution of giving this project one hour a day, I should be able to share the entire 1994-1996 diary* with you before the end of January 2024.

And it is expected to be for sale March 2024.

The books I’ll be publishing next are:
1.Reboot – a hero’s journey. Diary 2017-2019

All my other diaries and erotica are readily available in my BOOK SHOP

* ABOUT THE DIARY 1994-1996

In summer 2019, I started keeping a fictionalized diary, as a 25 year old younger version of me. Events that happened in 2019 found their way into the diary, translated to their late 20th century reality.
And I also absolutely, intended to LIVE, like it was 1994!
But this is a hard thing to do, I feel I am still (2023) learning there…. but that is my endgame;
To LIVE like it’s the turn of the century.

It was/is an amazing project, and to this day I consider the diary entries it produced on my main blog, my best and certainly my most interesting work, because it combines performance art (living in the 20th century) with diary writing, leaving ample room for fiction.

In 2021, I harvested the diary posts I had so far, with the intention of creating a published diary out of it. Two actually, volume 1 and 2, but I decided to put them in one bind.
But I abandoned the project in spring 2022, losing complete touch with the project….

December 2023, I have picked up publishing this amazing work, of vintage erotica.