I love these two…. | publishing journal day 18

Considering this is one of those “no excuse” edits, where I go into the manuscript (and the chapter’s original blogpost), edit it, update it, and write this post here regardless of how late it is and regardless of how tired I am, I got off lightly this time.
Sometimes there are just so many difficulties to overcome, editing the text. But I really wanted to get behind my desk and do it;
Fired on by the fact that I have such an insane schedule this week, it will probably be my only chance to post anything, until Sunday 24th of March.
It was now or “never”.

Make a post.
Do the work.

Only to then read the printed manuscript, and see it was already edited. And then to my happy surprise the (quit difficult) edits were also already entered into the Word file, so there was no more work for me to do, other than copy paste it into the blogpost.
Which I did.

Did is the updated blogpost

When your fears subside and shadows still remain | 1995-1996 diary

Chapter 2 of Dear Nikki, the second part of the diary*:
“A Letter To A Stranger, including book 2: Dear Nikki”

There was nothing I needed to do, the work was already done, probably late 2023, when I was still on the wagon here.

I could read the chapter about two young people, who had been lovers in college, but then he chose another woman over her.
But blood is thicker than water, and their affection for each other rekindled their love. Forbidden this time.

The scene of the hotelroom, about two young adults trying to make it work, is vivid.

This time all I did was enjoy it and think:
I love these two.

~Lauren/LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living

* An About section, on this diary project, has been added to the bottom of this post.

since 2018 my official blog is: https://laurenharteveld.com/
This is also where I write my Lauren 1999 diaries.
Plus letters to my coach Sara.

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This blogpost was about the publishing process of

A letter from a stranger  
diary 1994 – 1996
including book 2, Dear Nikki

There are currently (I may have missed a chapter, which will be added as we go)
13 chapters in book one “A Letter To A Stranger”, 1994-1995,
and 22 chapters in book 2 “Dear Nikki”.
These first two Volumes will be published in one bind, and are expected to be for sale in 2024.

The books I’ll be publishing next are:
1.Reboot – a hero’s journey. Diary 2017-2019

All my other diaries and erotica are readily available in my BOOK SHOP

* ABOUT THE DIARY 1994-1996

In summer 2019, I started keeping a fictionalized diary, as a 25 year old younger version of me. Events that happened in 2019 found their way into the diary, translated to their late 20th century reality.
And I also absolutely, intended to LIVE, like it was 1994!
But this is a hard thing to do, I feel I am still (2023) learning there…. but that is my endgame;
To LIVE like it’s the turn of the century.

It was/is an amazing project, and to this day I consider the diary entries it produced on my main blog, my best and certainly my most interesting work, because it combines performance art (living in the 20th century) with diary writing, leaving ample room for fiction.

In 2021, I harvested the diary posts I had so far, with the intention of creating a published diary out of it. Two actually, volume 1 and 2, but I decided to put them in one bind.
But I abandoned the project in spring 2022, losing complete touch with the project….

December 2023, I have picked up publishing this amazing work, of vintage erotica.