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Hi erotica reader, Google friend, or otherwise warmly welcomed visitor.
Summer 2017 I ve finally finished my WAIT WORTH 8!
Including my collected works Het Boek Benjamin and a Dutch guide, ten books even..

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I’ve put the Dutch titles a little to the right, and all English books on the left.
I ve given all books a beautiful description that does them justice.
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SB Boekomslagen_02.indd1. Mango, novelle   (Nederlands/ Dutch)
Introductie van alle zinderende personages die mijn leven bevolken, tevens coming of age novelle. Van de jaren 70 tot de zero’s. Yup, took a while!
Introductie; Benjamin
Doop je onder in de 80s, en verken je eigen seksualiteit met mijn debuut en 25% korting.


SB Boekomslagen DAD klein2. Dutch American Diary (2008-2009)
Me in love with two men: one a cunning wizard and one half my age.
Introducing; Valentino
Read how getting your life blown to pieces makes one hell of a story at a 25% discount. 


22 klein3. 22 Erotische Verhalen         (Nederlands/ Dutch)
Anais Nin meets Isabel Allende geschreven en gebundeld door de ongekroonde koningin van de Nederlandse erotica: moi.
Emotioneel. Grensverleggend. En zoet als honing.
Bestel erotica zoals erotica hoort te zijn met 25% korting


LSD klein

4. Dutch American Diary  book 2:
LS Diary (2012-2013)

Me in love with at least three gorgeous dark men, and *spoiler* not getting any for at least 8 chapters. In chapter 9 I get naked on stage. Which is a sign of better times to come.
Introducing; Rafael (writer)
Order this key volume in the Dutch American Diary trilogy, revealing the real identity of celebrity Rafael, at a 25% discount


candystop cover screenshot

5. De Candystop (2012-2013)        (Nederlands/ Dutch)
Het Nederlands literaire landschap bekeken door de ogen van een cougar. Nee, ik ga niet uitleggen wat een cougar is.
Suffice to say, dat voor hun 2013 een goed literair jaar was ;)
introductie; Sam (schrijver) en de leukste schrijver van Nederland die in de latere boeken Henry heet
Bestel deze zoete Marokkaanse lekkernij met 25% korting


BTS cover klein6. Dutch American Diary  book 3:
Bedtime Stories (2014)
Writing letters to Elliot, Lauren takes it to epic heights with writer Rafael and long-term muse Benjamin. This book is the worthy finale of the Dutch American Diary trilogy.
Introducing; Dani (writer)
Buy this epic closing book at a 25% discount.

Mirage cover7. Dutch American Diary epilogue:
Mirage (late 2014)
Giving you a little dessert with a line-up of all famous writers from previous books
Introducing; Estas (writer)
Buy this small elegant book with a 25% discount.


Big cover klein8. Big (diaries and erotica)
Oh I KNOW you re waiting for this one! Because these are all those kinky stories no longer available online anymore.
Buy my most provocative work, with autobiographical erotica, at a 25% discount


( scroll further down for English works that are expected soon)

Het Boek Benjamin CoverHet Boek Benjamin (boek 1 t/m/8)
diaries & erotica
verzameld werk 2006-2016
Dit zijn boek 1 t/m 8, dus zowel Nederlands als Engels.
Koop mijn magnum opus Het Boek Benjamin met 25% korting


Witte Tijgerin A5

De Witte Tijgerin (NIEUW!)
Gids voor solitaire vrouwen die een geweldig seksleven willen en plenty energie.
Koop hier deze gids met 25% korting.


White Tigress (early 2018)
Yoga & Lifestyle Guide for solitary women who want an amazing sex life and plenty of energy.
You can follow the 7 week Fit and Fabulous Yoga training on the 
White Tigress Facebook.

Dutch American Diaries – International Edition
How a garden variety yoga teacher became Holland’s ultimate mistress.
English diaries and erotica 2008-2016

NEW!! Reboot (expected mid 2018)
I’m keeping my first offline diary in almost a decade! Because I’ve given it eight books, twelve men and and fourteen kilos, and you know what? I need a reboot. And besides; with two men I m fond off, two uninformed wives, and me working sixty hour weeks? Some day my luck will run out.
And when it does, I ll be there to document it. Down to the last sordid detail.

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photo; thanks to Irene for inspiring me with the idea!

photo; thanks to Irene for inspiring me with the idea!