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And AWAY! Is Avery. How a disappearing escort became my muse.

The only still available photo she kept online, can be found at her deserted Twitter account @PlayWithAvery

The only still available photo she kept online, can be found at her deserted Twitter account @PlayWithAvery

Early 2014 there was a $1000 an hour escort named Avery Moore, who had time tracked an entire year in business. How much time she spent with company, how many shoes she got, the number of dinners or books received. This remarkable project, including the original graphic can be found HERE.
And I was totally intrigued.
Because not only did I turn out to have a dormant obsession for pale, petite sex workers (which I later projected onto porn star Stoya), but I’m a diligent planner and time tracker myself.
I even bought my first and only leather Filofax agenda in 1991 living on a student allowance because I watched a detective where the escort (murdered, unfortunately) had possessed a similar luxurious agenda. With her name on it. It sparked my love for sex workers, and made getting a similar agenda a priority. 
In 2014, Avery Moore was the first since 1991 to hit these two kinks again – sex and stationary. Although Avery Moore used software mostly, but close enough. 
Avery Moore became my time management crush.

I do have a major disappointment coming up for you, but before we get there let’s first remember the good times. Because in those days, she had a website. It contained her rates, sassy “me” and “you” pages, and gorgeous photos that would seduce you so thoroughly, you practically threw your creditcard at the screen. She also kept a blog. And she could write. She wrote well.
It was so good this journalist gave up any idea of doing a better job himself, and just quoted half her blog, admitting.
“I’m cribbing phrases of this woman.”

Halfway 2015 Avery disappeared. Her website Away with Avery dot com was first password protected, until eventually it was bought or claimed by one of those eerie companies that prey on the remains of once successful websites. Like vultures on dead beasts.
A dreadful ending.

I still wonder whatever happened to her. Did she get pregnant? Retired?
On her late website, as well as in this radio interview, the only available recording of her and one of the very few traces she has ever existed, she makes the impression that she really loved her job. Just like me, she was young when she learned what escorts were, and she looked up to them thinking;
“No… that can’t be me. That’s way too high up!”
I personally never tried my luck, but she did, and she loved her job. Then why did she leave? When her career was just about to take off and she could have taken her brand anywhere she wanted?

There are moments when I browse through the videos of female business coaches and I just know Avery could have become an author, motivational speaker or first class VIP business coach, a hundred times better than anyone who I have come across. Her classy, clear, alluring website was proof of that.
Why didn’t she use the momentum she had?

But I’m grateful our virtual paths crossed, during that short time window when she made media appearances. I was inspired by her presence then, and every time my life needs a make-over I make a list of new habits and challenges and stuff I want to do daily in order to live a successful life, and I sum it up as one thing;
Become Avery Moore.

I hope that wherever she is, and whatever she’s doing, that she still has the same zest for life, and still inspires the people around her, touching their heart and soul, or perhaps a little lower.
And that she still asks a thousand dollars an hour.

Because I know for a fact she’s worth every penny.

<3 LSH
An unexamined life is not worth living


I just found Avery Moore on Valentines Day on Esquire.
It’s an interview and contains two more photos.

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