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Bar tender, six-pack owner (as in: the abs). Sensual dark-skinned young man.

White lies, dark truth


His kiss was passionate yet controlled. Powerful enough to impress, but soft enough not to hurt. I was relieved he was a good kisser, yet I was equally relieved that my toes were not tingling, my heart was not leaping out, and I still knew my own name. In other words: I wasn’t in love. Good for me because David was married.

Thirty minutes before this very welcome snog, David asked me: “Am I too old for you, Lauren?”
He knew I had been with younger men.
I blushed, and David probably thought I lied when I answered: ” I have no preconceptions about age.”
Benjamin. Valentino. Noa. Nubian Prince. Samuel.
They were little devils laughing on my shoulder, when David questioned me. One of the young ones yelled: ” Ask about the skin David!”
But David didn’t care about my preference for his dark skin. Nor did he ask why I was blushing, or who all those boys were on my shoulder.

If you have to choose between black or white, what do you choose? (black)
Between a brown student and a blond? (brown)
Mature African, or Amsterdammer in his 20s? (African)
One night with Denzel or marriage to Ian Somerhalder? (Denzel. And yeah you should google Ian. He’s hot as a pepper.)
And in return I asked the angels:
” Would I go for a mocca skinned bi-sexual or fair heterosexual?”
But they all laughed because they knew that wasn’t a question. I love bi-sexual men.

I suffer from inverted racism where my ability to love and to lust increases when the men get more exotic. And my willingness to deal with being dumped, hurt, left? Off-the-charts when I’ve fallen in love with black man. I have regrets and played the blame game. I’ve cursed men for their insensitive behavior, lousy timing, or their inability to feel or fall in love.

But Benjamin, Valentino, Noa, Nubian Prince or Samuel, will always be forgiven.
And the only regret I have, is that I didn’t sleep with all of them.


White lies, dark truth is a book I found and ordered today, about mental patterns and why we have them.

Marrying Noa

eka darville
“Can you write something special for your student X? She is getting married.”
It took me, “Sanne, the yoga teacher”, one day and a glass of wine to come up with a deep, moving piece on yoga, commitment, and marital bliss. My student would love it. And the universal message also made it a solid contribution to my weekly blog. With still 5 days to go before I had to post it, I spent my week catching up with housekeeping, indulged in decadent two hour yoga sessions, enjoyed sun, friends and the good life. It was the most relaxed blogger week ever.

Feedback from the wedding circle fuelled my excellent mood: “We love your contribution! Maybe you should write a column for Yoga magazine ;-)

It was official: Sanne Harteveld, the successful yoga teacher, was ready to expand her career to writing. Her heartwarming words would touch the souls of many.

“Over my dead body!” a voice in my head shrieked. Lauren Harteveld. The writer in me had no interest in supporting any marriages, or in becoming the new insipid blogger for some vanilla yoga site.
“But I want to inspire people on their path,” Sanne said.
Shanti shanti,” Lauren sneered sarcastically. “Get real! And you hate marriage.”
“Not so!” Sanne objected. “I would sacrifice my whole life for one man you know.”
“Yeaheah! Just to get in on those first years of steamy sex, “ Lauren stood her ground. “That’s not marriage. That’s cutting a deal.”

Sanne wanted a post on marriage.
Lauren wanted to promote her book by writing about Noa.

With one hour to their deadline, Sanne and Lauren sat down together. First they opened Lauren’s manuscript, and reread the chapters on Noa. They also checked his Hyves, and Googled for an actor whose picture they could use. Then they wrote something they both agreed on:

This is Eka Darville (see photo).
Eka is an actor, but not very famous.
He does not have Hyves.
Eka looks very much like Noa.
Noa is in my book.
Noa is a normal person but he has a 1000 friends on Hyves.
Noa and I saw each other twice.
Our hands wanted to touch each other all the time.
I would marry Noa, but not Eka because I never met him.
The end.

Noa :engagement: LS Harteveld is described in the enovel Dutch American Diary. (online next month)

Eka Darville plays Pietros in Spartacus – Blood and Sand episode 3,4, 6 and 7
LS Harteveld opened his social network sites
Let’s give Eka Darville a 1000 fans!!